Socal based Wedding & Elopement photographers

We are a husband and wife team obsessed with adventure and passionate about storytelling.

Ever feel moved by a photo? One that stops you in your tracks? A blend of art and honest documentation, that just pulls you straight back in time? That’s why we do this.

Photos fill the space in a story where no words could possibly be big enough.

All of those seemingly small, in between moments - those are what make you, you. Those are what your story is made of, but they’re often left off the page. Because how could one possibly explain in words how you feel looking into his eyes, knowing you are home. Or the sheer amount of joy that fills you from head to toe when she laughs. Photos tell the story that words can't for generations to come, and we are so dang inspired by that.


the everyday moments, the pull of the ocean, the kindness of strangers, the vastness of space


We believe photography is about so much more than a pretty aesthetic. It's about freezing the fleeting moments and the overwhelmingly large emotions.

our story

colby & valerie

Our story starts in Colorado, where we both grew up. We met in elementary school and started dating when Colby was 15 and Valerie was 16. Though we hadn’t intended to, we fell in love rather quickly; the rest is history. Fast forward eight years, a move to Nashville, and two dogs later, Colby finally popped the question. We were married in 2017 surrounded by our favorite people and overwhelming love - it felt like pure magic. After 4.5 years of southern food, live music, and the greenest hills we’ve ever seen, we couldn’t resist the pull of the ocean. So we packed up and moved across the country to Hermosa Beach, CA, where we now live. We love that we can be in the mountains within an hour and the beach in a matter of minutes while still being within a few hours of so many national parks. We’ve never been happier and have made it our goal to explore and eat our way through this state.

When we aren’t behind the camera, you can find us either out exploring or snuggling on the couch with our pups, Breck and Aspen. We love being outdoors - hiking, scuba diving, camping, rafting, surfing, you name it. 

We are fueled by trying new things, which is probably why we are so passionate about seeing the world. Together we have been to 21+ countries so far! We love getting to meet new people, learn about new cultures, see new landscapes, and especially try new food.




happiest at the beach, in the mountains, or under the stars


we really love our dogs
breck & aspen


a little obsessed with New Girl


Traveling & vacationing are not the same thing. both are important

All about

the crunching sound Breck & Aspen make when chomping the occasional potato chip, strong black coffee in the morning (unless it's PSL season, then definitely that), getting out of my comfort zone

wandering through new places, sitting with horses, the smell of a freshly cut field, skipping the small talk




we are probably a great fit

Hiring your wedding photographer is no small feat. This is such a momentous chapter in your life - whoever you choose to freeze these moments in time should be able to fully capture you and the essence of your love. They should be someone you truly resonate with and enjoy spending time with. Did you know, besides your significant other, your photographer is typically the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day? We want you to cherish your photos 20, 30, 40+ years down the road making it so important that you choose someone's work that you absolutely love.